This is a three piece from Richmond, Va. that rips. Their songs are snappy, melodic, and fast paced. Some of the songs have a crooner vibe (mostly the ones sung by Holly), but they never let off the gas. Others are decidedly hardcore tracks with plenty of breathy screaming laid over longer, drawn-out vocals. I really enjoy the dichotomy of the singing styles and every song gets me bobbing my head and wanting to sing along. The drumming is super fast, but not over the top. Each beat is wedged in at just the right tempo to get me fired up. And the bass just adds to the quick-fire pacing. They remind me most of Neighborhood Brats, though with a little more of a gloomy feel. Maybe like a mix between Terrible Feelings and Night Birds? Great record; worth picking up if you need a pick me up. –Kayla Greet (Smart Punk / Gunner / Say)