TALK ME OFF: Abyss: 10”

Jul 20, 2021

Every time I hear Holly Herzog sing, I feel like I’m hearing a long-lost, unreleased Tilt song. Like, honestly, the title track “Abyss” totally could have been on Viewers Like You. Her voice is such controlled chaos, dripping with attitude and a bit of damage. “Counting Digits” is the first song on this release. It seeps in slowly with a few seconds of high-pitched feedback and then a solid gut punch out of nowhere. The drumming is fierce and heavy while guitar licks croon alongside Holly’s gritty melodies. On other songs she and Ryan Cacophony share singing duties, which also rules. The last track, “I Hate My Life” (a Youth Brigade cover), is only two and a half minutes, though it seems way longer because it’s a fucking blitzkrieg of high-intensity punk right from the jump. Then the breakdown comes and you’re finally able to catch your breath only for them to build up to a blistering scream at the end. My only complaint is there are only five songs. Guess I’ll just have to listen to it over and over till the next one comes out. –Kayla Greet (Smart Punk / Swamp Cabbage / Gunner / Wallride)

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