The Sonics

Razorcake #80 from 2014 with Mind Spiders, Stalins Of Sound, The Klitz, One Punk’s Guide to Poetry, Ottawa Explosion Weekend, the Sonics

"It's the Mind Spiders against the humans. And humans kinda suck. Basically, in the end, the Mind Spiders are going to win." -Mind Spiders

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Razorcake #79 from 2014 with Tony Molina, The Dopamines, We Were There: Voices from L.A. Punk’s First Wave, Cheryl Klein Contemplates Her Cyborg Boobs, Class Bigotry in Higher Education, The Sonics

"What you're saying about punk being a lifestyle and the politics involved, I'm down with all that shit, but I don't do it." -Tony Molina

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