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Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Screamers

Yes, Tomata du Plenty was like no other punk from the Los Angeles scene of the 1970s in performance. But it was the tightness and sound explosion given him by the other three band members which made The Screamers unlike any other band.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Tomata du Plenty, The Screamers

This year Tomata du Plenty, front man for the iconic punk band The Screamers, would have turned seventy. Wow! It’s one thing for me to see the musicians who I followed every move when I was a kid grow old, but now to see my contemporaries age too?

Louis Jacinto Photo Column — Tomata Du Plenty

Louis Jacinto Photo Column — Tomata Du Plenty

That night, I mustered up the nerve to talk to Tomata. I told him I had lots of shots of The Screamers in performance and he said he preferred those types of shots rather than being posed.