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Interview with documentary director Simon David by Billups Allen

Illustration of Lee Moses record

Director Simon David has produced an excellent documentary about soul guitarist Lee Moses. Moses was an Atlanta-based guitarist whose style has been celebrated by soul enthusiasts since the resurgence of interest in rare soul over the past few decades, but little has been written about him. David’s new film Time and Place brings Moses to the forefront, even if only for a minute, and allows his legacy to build exploring his music and the changing town where he learned to play.

Jamaica’s Image in the Cinema by Billups Allen

Jamaica’s Image in the Cinema by Billups Allen

A small canon of music films helped define and shape how Jamaica is perceived in the film industry. Babylon is highly recommended. I recommend starting with The Harder They Come and Rockers. These films create an invaluable overview of the history of reggae music.

Interview with All We’ve Got director Alexis Clements by Billups Allen

“Each bookstore has its own personality, but feminist bookstores have a long history of being super queer friendly. Many of them were started by queer people and they’re gone. They’re just by and large gone. They just can’t make the math work.” –Alexis Clements