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Karma Police by Jamie L. Rotante

An umbrella blocking a falling knife, hachet, and hammer

The tough balance of trying to set healthy boundaries without fear of bad karma.

The World’s A Mess, It’s In My Kiss by Jamie L. Rotante

Painting of hands clutching a head

Navigating a scary time in history and managing shared anxiety with the world around me.

Rationalizing to a Fault by Jamie L. Rotante

When rationalizing my actions turns into just making excuses.

Stuck in a Rut by Jamie L. Rotante

How feeling creatively blocked can be a catalyst for self-reflection and adjustment.

Destroy the Silence by Jamie L. Rotante


How choosing to remain silent about my struggles with anxiety tends to lead to even more stress.

Hanging on the Telephone by Jamie L. Rotante


A deeper look at one of my biggest fears and constant sources of anxiety: the phone.

Meditation Proclamation by Jamie L. Rotante

Meditation Proclamation Illustration by Nikki Kelli

Accepting meditation as a form of self-care.

The Crying Game by Jamie L. Rotante

The Crying Game by Jamie L. Rotante

Coming to terms with being a crybaby and learning to have a better hold over my often wavering and unsteady emotions.