One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music

One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music By Sean Carswell

Music is a continuum. All good music is some combination of embracing and rejecting traditions. I’m using a more expansive genre definition for surf music. I’m including spy, horror, spaghetti western, eleki, Indorock, and a bunch of other subgenres into surf.

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Razorcake 133, featuring Litige, Cromi, Pleasure Venom, Target Video, and One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music, Part II

“It’s like glasses that you put on when you’re a kid and you keep them for your whole life. We know we’re not gonna be rich and famous, but we’re not doing it for that.” –Litige

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Razorcake 132, featuring Ruperto Estanislao, dimber, Hurry Up, Keith Rosson, and One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music

“I may not have all the answers, but if we all work together as a family, the outcome will be better.” –Ruperto Estanislao

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