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Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender, Mike Ochoa

Punk. This photograph was taken by Gerardo of his school boy friend Mike Ochoa. They were inseparable. The two of them, along with Edward Stapleton, were the nucleus of Nervous Gender.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – Halloween with Nervous Gender

Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Nervous Gender

this night was just plain wild! It was Halloween and everyone was there— punks, disco kids, the artsy/fartsy crowd, rock and rollers, and the very, very curious. The band tore up our eardrums then tore up their instruments! That’s what I was doing forty years ago!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Gerardo Velasquez

Gerardo Velasquez and Mike Ochoa, after meeting Edward Stapleton, formed Nervous Gender. I auditioned for the band, too, but Gerardo said I was too pop. In fact, when Nervous Gender hit the scene, not even the rowdy punks could handle their sound!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Alice Bag and Edward Stapleton

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Alice Bag and Edward Stapleton

In 2015 I exhibited my photographs of the punk musicians, showcasing the diversity of Los Angeles punk—women, men, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white, brown, red, yellow— EVERYONE! Here two of my favorites. Alice Bag, co-founder of The Bags, and Edward Stapleton, co-founder of Nervous Gender, came to the exhibition.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender, Mike Ochoa

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender, Mike Ochoa

Although I always felt Mike Ochoa was quiet—even quieter than me—it was more his constitution rather than a sense of shyness. He contributed fully to Nervous Gender and I always loved when he sang lead on the songs, my favorite being “Scandinavian Dilemma.”

Razorcake #59 from 2010 featuring, Rumspringer, Eric Davidson, Mary Woronov, Sick Sick Birds, Nervous Gender

Razorcake #59

Razorcake #59 PDF Click to read Razorcake Issue #59 as a PDF. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you’ll need it, and you can download it for free here. /// If you enjoy and value what you see, read, and hear on Razorcake.org, please consider a tax-deductible donation for our continued survival. /// Cover artwork

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, The Snappers

The Snappers - Louis Jacinto

The Snappers, a punk rarity.

Razorcake #58 from 2010, featuring Mark Sultan, John Lydon, Hamburger Help Me, Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa, Nervous Gender

Razorcake #58

“We were already on the outside, which was apparent when punks were screaming at you, shouting, “That’s not even fucking music! What are you doing?” –Nervous Gender

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Gerardo Velazquez

Gerardo Velazquez

Punk Is Always Art

Razorcake #55 from 2010, featuring Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ringers, Oi Polloi, Bruce Moreland (Wall Of Voodoo, Skulls, Nervous Gender)

Razorcake Issue 55

“The special part of music is when I buy records: that constant search for awesome music that you’ve never heard.” –Eddy Current Suppression Ring