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Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Extra Fancy

If The Doors had never existed, Extra Fancy would have been the punk equivalent of that band—intelligent, unique sound and, of course, gorgeous front man!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Bags

The Hong Kong Café in Los Angeles’s Chinatown opened in response to the banning of punk bands, especially bands with girls in them, from the first Chinatown venue to book punk, Madame Wong’s.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Alice Bag

We’re back! Alice Bag, co-founder of The Bags, is now recording her third solo album and continues to kick patriarchy ass!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Screamers

Yes, Tomata du Plenty was like no other punk from the Los Angeles scene of the 1970s in performance. But it was the tightness and sound explosion given him by the other three band members which made The Screamers unlike any other band.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, The Bags—Beyond Fashion

The Bags, Louis Jacinto

It was always the music not the fashion!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – The Alley Cats


Punk, But Good Looking Too!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Punks


By 1979, the Whisky A Go Go realized that punk bands would always draw a large crowd. Us kids in the audience were making our own statements with how we dressed. I don’t know who this punk is; I’m hoping she sees this and remembers how she, too, changed the world!

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

Valentine formed The Know, including Richard d’Andrea and Joel Turrisi, in 1978 and was the first band to play Madame Wong’s in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. Although The Know, like Blondie, was not a punk band, both groups emerged during the initial punk scene in the late 1970s.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Patti Smith was still staying close and intimate with us. And her music continued to be punk and beyond. Easter, her third album, which was the work she was promoting, is still an untouchable piece of pure art.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – Halloween with Nervous Gender

Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Nervous Gender

this night was just plain wild! It was Halloween and everyone was there— punks, disco kids, the artsy/fartsy crowd, rock and rollers, and the very, very curious. The band tore up our eardrums then tore up their instruments! That’s what I was doing forty years ago!