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Razorcake #69 from 2012, featuring Canadian Rifle, The Consumers, So Cow, John Wesley Coleman

Razorcake #69 from 2012, featuring Canadian Rifle

Canadian Rifle: Interview by Todd Taylor. Gritty Midwest punk that’s just a little off. Breaking rules and their own hands, they don’t even follow the conventions of their hometown’s pizza.

Punknews Buyout

Punknews Buyout

Fuck it. Let’s get cynical. Punknews is primarily an aggregator of releases pumped out by the public relations machines at labels at an alarming rate.

One Punk’s Guide to Starting Your Own DIY Record Label by Kevin Dunn

One Punk’s Guide to Starting Your Own DIY Record Label by Kevin Dunn

Most DIY punk labels lose money regularly. There is a simple reason for that: their business model is not one defined by profit-maximization. In the simplest terms, they are intentionally bad capitalists.

Featured Book Review from Razorcake #99: Everyone Loves You Back

Louie Cronin Everyone Loves You Back Laura Collins

I don’t believe this novel would have ever been published by a large or even medium-sized commercial press. No one dies, commits adultery, is raped, suffers a mental breakdown, uses magic, fights monsters, or any other device that publishing companies find marketable today.

One Punk’s Guide to African Politics by Kevin Dunn

One Punk's Guide to African Politics Kevin Dunn

Understanding today’s Africa requires a degree of historical awareness, especially of life before European conquest, the impact of colonization, and some of the major developments after independence. It is impossible to convey the diversity and complexity of African societies before European colonization in the nineteenth century.

One Punk’s Travel Guide to Indonesia By Kevin Dunn

One Punk’s Travel Guide to Indonesia

Ironically, global capitalism and its attempts to profit off of passive consumers actually led to the development of a vibrant independent, anti-capitalist DIY punk culture across Indonesia.