Jimmy Alvarado

Eastside Punks—A Screening and Conversation: The Brat, Thee Undertakers, Stains

In partnership with USC Visions and Voices, Razorcake is proud to co-sponsor a virtual panel discussion on the first three installments of its Eastside Punks mini-documentaries about Eastside L.A. punk bands.

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Eastside Punks Episode 4: Nervous Gender

Nervous Gender made swift work of attacking every taboo, stereotype, and preconceived notion about religion, sexuality, and punk rock they came across…and made their points using—GASP!—synthesizers to create a racket that often sent the most ardent Black Flag fan scrambling in piss-panted fear for the nearest exit.

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Eastside Punks, Episode 2: The Brat

In our second installment of Eastside Punks, we focus on East L.A. legends The Brat. Formed in the late 1970s, vocalist Teresa Covarrubias, guitarists Rudy Medina and Sidney Medina, bassist Lou Soto, and drummer Robert Soto quickly cornered the market on smart, taut pop delivered with righteous punk fury by one of the tightest bands in the area.

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Razorcake #68 from 2012, featuring Tenement, The Stains, Amy Oden, Dresden

"We had the crowd already turning on us before we even played our first song... We've always been accepted, but we've never really fit in." -Tenement

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Razorcake #67 from 2012, featuring The Stains, Cheap Time, Dead Uncle, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees

The Stains: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Straight up, an oral of one of the godfathers of Los Angeles punk rock. For a band of this caliber, you’d better believe this will be a two parter.

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Talkin’ Punk, Politics, and Poetry: D. Boon and Beyond

The theme will be “Talkin’ Punk Politics and Poetry: D Boon and Beyond,” and it will include a “who’s who” of punk icons from across the country and eras, including: Mike Watt, Ronnie Barnett, Brian Brannon, Chip Kinman , Mish Miller/Bondage, seminal photographer Edward Colver, Jimmy Alvarado, Ben Merlis, Christian Kidd/Arnheiter, and David Jones.

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Teenage Alcoholics: Punk Rock in East Los Angeles by Jimmy Alvarado updated and revised 2017

I feel it’s important to stress that this was intended to be a primer on East L.A. punk and not a definitive history.

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