Jennifer Martinez-Flood

Please Please Please Let Me Give You What You Want by Jamie L. Rotante

Struggling with the unfortunate reality and constant reminders that I, despite my best interests, am a people pleaser.

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? by Jamie L. Rotante 

Navigating how to make friends and maintain relationships in adulthood.

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Bigmouth Strikes Again by Jamie L. Rotante

Combating my constant need to tell everybody everything all the time.

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Crisis Center by Jamie L. Rotante

Navigating other people’s crises and the toll of it on my own mental health.

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Thought Police by Jamie L. Rotante

Believing my thoughts have the power to change the world… but only for the bad stuff.

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All or Nothing for Me by Jamie L. Rotante

Navigating an all-or-nothing mindset and the thoughts and bad habit spirals that ensue.

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Hazy Shade of Winter by Jamie L. Rotante 

Is winter as bad as everyone makes it out to be? Or is it worse?

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Shadowy Woman on a Shadowy Planet by Jamie L. Rotante

Coping with persistent feelings of being forgotten or ignored.

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Factory Reset by Jamie L. Rotante

Eliminating what doesn’t serve me, and seeing how long I can last without.

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Enjoy the Silence by Jamie L. Rotante

Voluntarily creating a time of isolation to recharge and reset—and seeing what happens.

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Summertime Sadness by Jamie L. Rotante

Surviving seasonal depression in the summer and trying to keep cool when your brain is working overtime.

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