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Suzi Quatro interview by Billups Allen

Suzi Quatro illustration by Billups Allen

By the late-’70s, Suzi Quatro had been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, produced charting singles, played a role on the popular sitcom Happy Days, and had an offer to do a spinoff. It was a recipe for mainstream stardom. But Quatro fought to make her own way as an entertainer. She eschewed the path to becoming a household name, but she never went away and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Suzi Q, a new documentary about her life shows Quatro keeps her foot on the gas and the wheel aimed uphill.

Murder at the Boarding House: When Steve Martin Quit Comedy to Be Funny by Billups Allen

Steve Martin illustration by Billups Allen. Man with arrow through the head, with bunny ears fallen off.

Steve Martin is a comedy icon. He began his film career playing a clueless character, later finding fame as he gained footing in more mainstream comedies. Martin made three interesting films in the early ’80s; so interesting they almost derailed his career.

One Punk’s Guide to “The Dark Ages” by Billups Allen

One Punk's Guide to the Dark Ages

Much like the term “new wave,” serious people will not acknowledge your discussion of “The Dark Ages” without trying to convince you not to use the term. It’s hard to ignore the period of roughly four hundred years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire when very little progress was made in science and literature. People struggled year-round just to feed themselves. If you weren’t royalty or one of the very few who had money, raw survival was your main concern.

One Punk’s Guide to the Films of Pedro Almodovar by Billups Allen

One Punk’s Guide to the Films of Pedro Almodovar by Billups Allen

Almodovar films are an unyielding orgasm of color and anarchy. His movies are simultaneously an exploration and cannibalism of genre. Almodovar stuck with his vision through an obstacle course of financial barriers, making an astoundingly minimal number of compromises. There is not a film he created solely for a paycheck and not a frame of his work that is not worth seeing.

Jamaica’s Image in the Cinema by Billups Allen

Jamaica’s Image in the Cinema by Billups Allen

A small canon of music films helped define and shape how Jamaica is perceived in the film industry. Babylon is highly recommended. I recommend starting with The Harder They Come and Rockers. These films create an invaluable overview of the history of reggae music.

Interview with All We’ve Got director Alexis Clements by Billups Allen

“Each bookstore has its own personality, but feminist bookstores have a long history of being super queer friendly. Many of them were started by queer people and they’re gone. They’re just by and large gone. They just can’t make the math work.” –Alexis Clements

Serrated Edges by Billups Allen: The use of unorthodox story structure in horror films

Cerebral horror can be rewarding if you let yourself go. It takes a conscious effort to avoid saying, “That would never happen.” Unorthodox plot lines and experimental production techniques can cause a movie to stick with you long after it’s over.

One Punk’s Guide to Electronic Music Pioneer and Disco Producer Patrick Cowley by Billups Allen

During his short career, he released electrocuted versions of rock’n’roll, morose electronic masterpieces, and quality pornographic soundtracks. But Cowley is best known as a disco producer who broadened the definition of electronic dance music.