TADAIMA: Whatever Feels Good: CS

Nov 23, 2016

Tadaima’s brand of introspective bummer pop makes a maypole with my heartstrings. I found myself humming along at first listen then listening on repeat to let the hooks sink in. They cite Mega City Four (they cover “Start”) and Going Steady as influences, and I definitely hear it in Bob Vielma’s honest vocals. When he sings, “I don’t want to run around. Don’t give me the run around,” it’s impossible not to belt along. They also unleash some cathartic rage on “Ty Cobb,” while “Whatever Feels Good” recalls Blue Album-era Weezer, with a Rivers Cuomo style fuzz solo. But it’s not all sadness and soul-searching because closer “California Love” oozes positivity. This bass-less trio has delivered a killer first release. My fingers are crossed that they can eventually get together to record a full length. –Sean Arenas (Phat’n’Phunky, phatnphunky.com)