T.S.O.L.: The Trigger Complex: LP

Mar 22, 2017

First new full-length from this band in over eight years. Initial reaction on the street has been mixed. Some have thought it is not punk enough. But this band can’t keep making “Fuck You Tough Guy” over and over. Bands have to move their sound forward or it grows stale. This record does that while keeping true to their roots. The keyboards are pretty up front in the mix for sure, but that doesn’t take the edge off. If you give this more than a quick listen, I think you will be rewarded. “Strange World” and “The Right Side” really show the band going for it and succeeding. I really don’t know how anyone can hear the chorus of “I Wanted to See You” and not think this is some of the band’s best work. Yes, I love the classics too. But when they tour on this record, I want to hear a healthy chunk of this one, too. –Sean Koepenick (Rise)

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