SYSTEM, THE: Slave to the Machine: LP

May 23, 2017

I freely admit I picked this out of the piles wholly for smartass reasons: saw it as a prime opportunity to prattle on about how nice it was to see “The System” had finally gotten a band together to finally counter its constantly being slagged off by decades of punk bands. Didn’t take long, however, to figure out this is a new release by the old U.K. anarcho punk band, and it took only seconds into the first song to shut me up right quick. Ten brand new tracks, recorded over three days, of some of the finest tuneage the circle-A set have unleashed in quite a long while. Every song’s a ripper from end to end, start to finish, with topical lyrics and a sound that falls somewhere between Rudimentary Peni and One Way System, if that makes any sense. Helluva release, this, and comes highly recommended. Mouth, say hello to crow. –Jimmy Alvarado (Grow Your Own,

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