SYMPHONY OF DISTRACTION / 69 ENFERMOS: They Came from Faster Space!: CD

Aug 01, 2019

They Came from Faster Space is a melodic skatepunk split from California’s Symphony Of Distraction and Brazilian punks 69 Enfermos. The record is solid— fast drumming, thrashy riffs, and harmonious polished vocals you’d expect—all perfectly executed in twenty-five minutes of gregarious riot. Sandwiched on either end are the two standout tracks: Symphony Of Distraction’s “Call It Off, Don,” a demand for Donald Trump to step down for having “disgraced me and my country long enough,” and 69 Enfermos’ “Don’t,” which starts pointing out “if this is what they call democracy, they should be ashamed.” This last track also had a strong Alkaline Trio vibe for me, but rougher, and possessing something Alkaline Trio’s never had: a political message. This record is fun even if you don’t listen for a message; but with it they earn an A +. –Lorien Lamarr (Morning Wood,