SWINGKID FANZINE #6, “choose yourself a fair price,” offset, 8¼” x 11¾ ”, 66 pgs.

This bilingual German/English zine covers music and politics, with a focus on punk from as many different parts of the world as possible. The interviews are with subjects you probably haven’t heard of, like A World Divided, Anti-Lam Front, Declive Repunknante, Gnar Jar, Gumiho, Kentucky Kings, Missratched, Rexurgir, Sundown Superhero, and Wargasm Istanbul. Fascinating articles include a guide to rock music from Papua New Guinea, DIY folk punk, swing in Nazi Germany, and punk from Aruba. Reviews include Rixe, Condor, and a special section for bands from the States. This spirited and engaging effort is loaded with beautiful photographs, and it’s also available for download. It’s highly recommended for those interested in having their eyes and ears opened to a slew of new international bands. –Art Ettinger ([email protected])