SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Peace and Love: LP”

Nov 26, 2018

With the fury and unrelenting self-effacement of opener “Undertaker Undertake” and the buoyant catchiness of “Human Potential” (Seriously! There’s handclaps! There’s a chorus straight outta Five Lessons Learned! It’s the best song on the record!), I was floored to see I’d gotten this for review. Love the band, and was thrilled to hear them claim they’d written a pointedly political record this time around. Swingin’ Utters excoriating American politics? Fuck yes. But after a number of listens, I’m bummed to say that it falls a little short for me personally. There are a few songs that could be considered political (“Yes, I Hope He Dies” is written about who you think it’s written about), and there are those previously mentioned jawdropper tracks, but then there’s songs like “Sleeping,” which comes across as atonal and jarring (and most likely intentionally so). Kudos should be given to the band for continuing to evolve their sound into something entirely their own and staunchly refusing to repeat themselves. Decades into their existence, they’re still relentlessly experimenting. It’s just that only rarely on Peace and Love do those two roads—rad tunes and successful experimentation—seem to intersect. Like I said, I love the band. I just wish this album had a bit more cohesion and ferocity than it does. –Keith Rosson (Fat)