SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Peace and Love: CD

Nov 26, 2018

What can I say about this band at this point? A good place to start is the bass tone, it’s perfect. The songs on here seem effortless. They can start with something so infectious and driving like, “Undertaker, Undertake,” and immediately change the whole tone, going into a song like,” Sirens.” The latter has the wavy pop aesthetic reminiscent of Foo Fighters. Unclench your fist, read the album title—I mean that in a positive way—these guys have been writing songs long enough to make any type of record they want and that’s just what they’ve done. I’d be bored if they still were trying to make the same record over and over. Thank goodness for punk rock that’s not afraid to mature. –Ryan Nichols (Fat Wreck Chords, [email protected])