Apr 08, 2019

An undeniably well-matched San Francisco punk pairing, you can already taste the nostalgia on this short split with only one song each from two West Coast punk institutions. The Swingin’ Utters song “Shout It at Dem Culture” is catchy and predictable, not necessarily in a bad way just in the “this band has been around since the 1980s and we totally get it” way. The Nothington song is the real heart-stringy one here mostly because of their announcement that they’ll go on indefinite hiatus this year. With lyrics like, “I’ve found it’s about time / to cut our loss and cut the line / so much for solid ground,” it’s hard not to hear this as a song about a difficult but loving band break up that’s calling it quits before things get bad. And we all know that band break up songs hit right in the gut, way more so than any songs about relationship break ups. –Theresa W. (Red Scare)