SWEET REAPER: Closer Still: LP

In the fall of 2014 a handful of skaters who called themselves The Great Skate Boys embarked on a skate expedition from Seattle to Tijuana with the sole goal of drinking some margaritas once they reached their destination. When I listen to Sweet Reaper I envision panning shots of these American heroes bombing hills down the back roads of the Western states. Determined and inspired by goals outside of the rigid, hypothetical stepladder to “success,” Sweet Reaper play California garage pop for the post-trend set. A lifelong dedication to something never felt so easy and enjoyable to listen to. Let this record guide you to the backyard BBQ deep down in your heart, the flickering bonfire warming your soul and lifting your spirits. The world may be circling the drain but Sweet Reaper is catching the wake and flipping the bird to the goons who got us into this mess. ’Tura punx win again! –Daryl (Alien Snatch)