SWEET KNIVES: “Burnt Sienna Blues” b/w “I Don’t Wanna See”: 7”

Mar 20, 2018

The A side reminds me of the occasional female-fronted 45 upon which a modestly tuned-in cat might occasionally stumble circa 1981, when things were coming out of the tailwinds of the original punk blast, picking up a little new wave keyboard damage along the way, keeping the energy pleasantly high and the budgets pleasantly low, and essentially maintaining earth’s punkly momentum until hardcore could horn in. The B side is a slower, more downbeat psychedelic pop jangler that I’m sure Greg Shaw would have loved to do terrible things with. I should wish it to be known that I am moderately intrigued. BEST SONG AND SONG TITLE: “Burnt Sienna Blues.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This band features Alicja Pop on vocals, but that is not so much a trivia fact as a late observation. –Rev. Nørb (Red Lounge, redloungerecords.com)