SWEET EMPIRE: All Empires Fall: LP

Jan 24, 2024

After fifteen years as a band, All Empires Fall represents the final outing of this Dutch quartet. The album provides a fitting reminder that Sweet Empire has always had the knack of writing catchy, melodic punk songs in the vein of ALL and Dag Nasty which contained socially aware lyrics that certainly represented many of my own feelings. The album opens with “Passivity,” which deals with the lack of action from many in dealing with the science identifying the impact of climate change on the earth. In addition to the views of what others are doing, “White Cult” asks the listener to take a look at themselves to try not being part of just another insular group. It’s a sad day to acknowledge the end of a band I’ve enjoyed for a good few years, but shit happens. Sweet Empire has left me with some good memories from live shows and equally good recordings. I’m going to have this on nice and loud in my kitchen, air guitaring myself silly. –Rich Cocksedge (Shield, [email protected], shieldrecordnings.com)

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