Dec 06, 2019

This is the third album from these melodic punks hailing from the Netherlands. Previous releases have seen Sweet Empire nail down its identity as a band with a Descendents-influenced sound and lyrical content formed around a collective social and political awareness on the left side of the spectrum. This is another strong release containing eleven mid-paced tunes featuring a crisp guitar attack and some really good drumming. Rowald van Baardwijk’s vocal delivery has an optimistic tone despite the lyrical content railing against religion, trophy hunters, and many other targets. This adds more contrast between the bright and breezy sound and the seriousness of the messages conveyed. Sweet Empire never disappoints on record or live, plus they are really nice guys too. –Rich Cocksedge (Shield, [email protected], shieldrecordings.com / Umlaut, umlautrecords.co.uk / Bad Wolf, badwolfrecords.bandcamp.com / North Empire, [email protected], northempire.nl)