SWEEPING PROMISES: Hunger for a Way Out: LP

Let me just start by saying that I totally love this record. It’s great! I’ve listened to it quite a lot since I received it, and I’ve already told many friends about it. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s dance-y. Waking up for the past couple of days with the first song, “Hunger for a Way Out,” stuck in my head, I can attest to the fact that the songs are also very catchy! From Boston, I think this three-piece is a pretty new band and they play post-punk in the sparse vein of Wire (Pink Flag). The singer Lira Mondal, whose bold voice is just fantastic, also plays bass, which is really thumping throughout. Along with guitar and drums, occasionally some keys are thrown in and add some quirks. Also love the orange and green design of the album cover and insert. Really excellent record and strongly recommended. –Jennifer Federico (Feel It, feelitrecordshop.com)