SWEEPING PROMISES: Good Living Is Coming for You: LP

Sep 22, 2023

Sweeping Promises played a grand total of one show before the pandemic and before the release of their debut Hunger for a Way Out. That album managed to distil all of the fear and longing of the pandemic into catchy, new wave-influenced punky pop hits that have gotten better over time. The public appetite for and connection with the band resulted in a slate of live shows and touring once COVID restrictions lifted. As the band played to rabid audiences, I wondered how they’d ever manage to follow up one of the best records of the past five years. The answer is in Good Living Is Coming for You, which resists the urge to fuck with the formula that made Hunger such a whopper of a rec. Sure, there are added splashes of synth, probably some new pedals, but the band has expanded their musical vision with all the urgency and hookiness of their previous album in a holistic, organic matter. More time playing together means more technical prowess and better songwriting, and the band’s strong musical instincts and good taste serve them well throughout. I’m not sure this one is as catchy the last one— because what possibly could be? But with that said, any of these songs—all of these songs—could have been on Hunger, and vice versa. Such a great addition to the band’s growing quiver of material, and one of the best of the year, for sure. –Michael T. Fournier (Feel It)

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