SVETLANAS: This Is Moscow Not L.A.: LP/CD

Sep 20, 2017

Svetlanas recently added Nick Oliveri to its ranks ahead of recording this humorously titled album. The most notable cog in this band is vocalist Olga, whose English—featuring a heavy Russian accent—makes this record for me, with the rolling r’s from her native language adding a spikiness to proceedings. Not only that, but somehow she also manages to convey a sense of crazy to keep things permanently on the boil when she is in charge. The musical contribution efficiently walks the line between melodic punk and metal, without really setting the speakers alight but, fortunately, Olga’s performance is strong enough to carry the album. The one blot is “Speed Freak,” a song in memory of Lemmy and sung by Oliveri, but totally lacking in redeeming features, just an outright dire song. –Rich Cocksedge (Rad Girlfriend, / Subkultura,