SUSPECT PARTS: You Know I Can’t Say No: 7” EP

Dec 06, 2019

Members of The Briefs, Clorox Girls, More Kicks, Radio Dead Ones, Maniac, and Red Dons got themselves a new band and they’re leaning into the power pop influence here that’s evident in all of those previous bands. The title track is a perfect distillation of that influence and punk, meeting at the intersection of Cheap Trick and Floridian punk rockers Critical Mass—devastating hooks married to craftsman performances filled with subtle fills and noodling that adds some layers for those really paying attention. The other two songs aren’t quite blessed with the same immediacy, though they are by no means clunkers; more adept also-rans with the thankless task of competing against, say, The Flash. Good stuff afoot here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Dirt Cult)