Jan 31, 2018

Sushicorner’s Konichiwow is mesmerizing. Once the needle dropped and the first measure of “Shadows” burst from my speakers, I became an instant devotee: twangy, fuzzed-out guitars that endlessly spiral; hypnotic, layered vocals; and propulsive, almost cultish rhythms. This isn’t a record for wimps—it left my brain feeling prickly. Sometimes reminiscent of the acid-touched angularity of Thee Oh Sees, Sushicorner drowns me in a flood of sound. All of this is achieved by an Italian duo: Pilleri and Orrú. Konichiwow is twelve songs of strung-out noise surf. Imagine if the soundtrack to Beach Party was written by art rock-loving deviants. I’ll ride that wave. –Sean Arenas (Alien Snatch!,