Supportcore, March 2018

Mar 26, 2018

We think the campaigns below are important. We’ve vetted them within our own limited process, but obviously have no control over what eventually happens with the money. Proceed with your own good judgment. Thanks! –RZC

Fundraiser for Beth Zafranovic’s Medical Bills
Beth is going to need not only your love and support, but also your donations to help her be less stressed and more comfortable as she crushes cancer.


Help Save Eberhardt Press, Devout Rcrds, and Printed Matter SP
Developers are giving three small businesses two weeks to vacate their decade old location without notice. They need help relocating!


The Wayside Cafe and Deli
The Wayside is a cafe and deli coming soon to Olympia, Washington. Their goal is to open in May 2018, and are launching this campaign to raise the $15,000 they'll need to complement a more traditional loan of $45,000. Hey, check it out, it’s Kevin from RVIVR!


Semblance of Self: Face of a Refugee
This is a campaign to raise immediate funds for the documentary Semblance of Self: The Face of a Refugee.

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