SUPERSUCKERS, THE: Play That Rock N’ Roll: LP

The first three proper studio albums The Supersuckers released are essential punk/rock’n’roll albums. That is a fact. To this day I still feel a sense of excitement when listening to those records. However, beyond those albums and apart from moments on The Evil Powers of Rock’n’Roll, the band has, in my view, been on a lengthy downwards spiral. In fact, Play That Rock N’ Roll may actually be the band’s nadir. It has been a real chore to listen to this half a dozen times. The one-sheet accompanying the album states that this is a “master class in quality Rock n’ Roll.” Unfortunately I find no evidence to back this up and most of what I hear on here is no better than I would expect from some part time band knocking out a bunch of songs to undiscerning punters on a Saturday night. It’s derivative and boring, with the most interesting moments coming when I try and figure out where some of the riffs have been appropriated from. I’m sure two have been lifted from Suzi Quatro tracks. I’m heading back to The Sacrilicious Sounds of The Supersuckers. –Rich Cocksedge (Acetate, [email protected],