SUPERCRUSH: I Can’t Lie: 7”

Sep 17, 2018

Would it surprise you to learn that a band called Supercrush plays power pop? It’s unlikely that it would. This is power pop and both sides of this single are quite well done. Sounds like Thirteen-era Teenage Fanclub to these ears and compliments don’t get much higher than that. I just realized it is very likely that this band named themselves after the Tiger Trap song, so it seems that great taste abounds with these folks. It also seems that the main person behind this band is also a member of the Seattle metal band Black Breath, which makes this even more interesting. The flip, “Walking Backwards,” is the stronger track but this is simply a fantastic pure pop single. This is leaps and bounds better than the last single I heard from this band and I am now hoping for the fantastic full length album they clearly have in them. –Mike Frame (Debt Offensive,