Jul 25, 2018

Fuck yes! Just what I needed, right when I needed it! Rickenbackers and Who-like target imagery tricked me into thinking this was going to be some neo-mod bullshit, but the trashy chords of the first track “Marisol” came crashing down around me and I then smiled, knowing that this was going to be a rousing affair indeed. Poppy in just the right places and punky in others, these guys know what works. The lyrics tend to stay in observational mode which suits the music just fine; no deep political treatise needed here. These guys apparently used to be called Bean but being new and improved they are now Superbean. Whatever the case, I’m smitten. “Fuck Youth” is already in heavy rotation at casa de Barnwell and I have a feeling the whole CD will be spinning at many weekenders throughout the summer. –Garrett Barnwell (Self-released)