Jan 18, 2017

What an amazing album. Twelve songs and thirty-four minutes of music meant to shred, inspire, and rage. Featuring former Punch vocalist, Meghan O’Neil Pennie, this Oakland three-piece sounds like a 1990s riot grrrl band met Drive Like Jehu. My girlfriend said O’Neil Pennie sounded like a really angry Kathleen Hanna, which seems accurate. There are equal parts sass and pissed anger in her voice, showing a greater range than she ever did in Punch. The songs are catchy and succinct, with most of the tracks coming in under three minutes. All the parts of the band—guitar, drums, bass, and especially O’Neil Pennie’s vocals—are firing perfectly on Auto. This is definitely in my top five for the year. If you have ever liked riot grrrl, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, or Punch, get this. –Kurt Morris (Deathwish,

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