SUPER THIEF: Self-titled: CD

Sep 20, 2017

Super Thief have been one of my favorite Austin bands since I first saw them in Summer 2015, but I haven’t seen them live very often. They play pretty frequently, but it’s usually on a work night for me and I’m trying to responsible in my old age. At one point I think I went a full year between seeing them. After that first show, they made me think of a post-punk Oblivians. Since then, not so much and I don’t know why I thought that. Probably something in the timbre of the singers’ bellow. Super Thief have always been low-end powerful, but now there’s even more pound-smash-rumble. Sometimes I feel a little intimidated watching them play, but in real life they’re nice guys, soft spoken and unassuming even. Don’t tell anyone their secret! Best way to describe their sound now... maybe Scratch Acid-esque? This here CD is a collection of all their recorded output to date. Things start off with the new Stuck album, move into the Dump Sink 12” EP, and the disc closes out with their self-titled 2015 release. It’s hard for me to separate the releases in my mind since I usually listen to this whole CD at once, but if pressed, I’d say the Stuck songs are most likely to hammer a hole in your head. –Sal Lucci (