SUPER THIEF: Eating Alone in My Car: 12” EP

Nov 26, 2018

Who among us hasn’t eaten alone in their car? I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say I’ve done it plenty, every time by choice. Sometimes you have to travel for work and you don’t want to eat crappy fast food, so you bring something and eat it in the parking lot. Other times, maybe you need to get the fuck outside of your work place, and there’s nowhere to drive to get away, so you just have lunch in your car. Based on the music Super Thief makes and the intensity of their live shows, you’d think they personify that loner co-worker who always seems angry, but in real life they’re pretty nice guys. Don’t tell them I said that. Much of what I’ve read about Super Thief describes them as a noise rock band. They use elements of noise in their songwriting (feedback, fuzz, string wailing) but the songs have actual structure and do rock. This here record is a five-song blast of power, angular with sudden tempo and time changes. There’s a touch of Scratch Acid and a pinch of labels like Touch and Go or Amphetamine Reptile. The entirety of side two is taken up by “You Play It Like a Joke But I Know You Really Mean It,” clocking in at over nine minutes. My music attention span has been ruined by twenty-five years of listening to punk rock, but this song is dynamic enough (and anchored by a pretty sinister bass groove) to keep me interested. Is it weird that I think of Gary Numan’s “Cars” when I hear this song? So seek Super Thief’s releases out, or better yet see them live when they come to your town. They’ll make you forget that you’ll be eating lunch by yourself in your car come Monday. –Sal Lucci (Learning Curve)