SUPER COOL AND STUFF #6, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 24 pgs.

Jan 31, 2018

In Ricky Vigil’s comic zine, he leaves his home in Denver mostly to see Jawbreaker at Chicago’s Riot Fest, and issue six makes for a diary of that weekend. My favorite entries included the page devoted to wrestling shirts spotted at the festival, jokes about how Hot Water Music was “easy to romanticize” when they weren’t “around to make boring new albums,” and how he met a punk pig, which is no euphemism—Ricky comes face to snout with a real oinker, a pig-alama-ding dong. It’s probably the same hog we Chicagoans see dragged around by this attention-starved, grown-ass man who brings his pig everywhere: to the fried chicken bar, to our beloved hipster intersections, and now festivals, too, I guess. Poor punk pig. Or, lucky punk pig! Who can say? The zine ends with a section wherein Ricky, who suffers from baby bladder (like so many of us beer lovers), spends a good amount of Jawbreaker’s set in a Port-a-John. And in this way we learn that the old adage is true: it really is all about the journey. I haven’t gone to a festival in a while. Probably because I’m psychologically unfit to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of strangers. But reading about Riot Fest in comic form felt just right. If Ricky had a semi-regular comic column about this or that punk fest, I’d read it for sure. –Jim Joyce (