Dec 03, 2020

Given the names and cover art, I was expecting a split tape full of grindcore or manic hardcore. Not quite what we’re looking at here with this pair of St. Louis outfits. Shitstorm’s a kind of fuzzed-out garage/surf amalgam that manages, on a few tracks, a pretty good mirroring of those “lost ’60s garage hits” comps. Nicely done, and a pleasant surprise. Sunwyrm’s fording some of the same rivers; an atmospheric, trippy, layered approach to rock stuff. For Portland folks—both of these bands come across very much as groups I would see at the Kenton Club in less pandemic-y times, while the person at the door collected a few bucks and people milled around out on the back patio smoking cigarettes and listening to the sound of the bands leaking through the door. –Keith Rosson (WFB)