SUN BATHER: The Thing from another World: LP

Sep 29, 2020

The first full length by Denmark’s Sun Bather, this is a solid rocker and includes the almost perfect punk song “Anti-Commie” (seriously, I would buy this record for that song alone!). It features tunes from their previous EP (Faret Vild) and two 7”s, and I think it’s super fun—and how could it not be, with Sun Bather members hailing from bands such as Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb, No Hope For The Kids, Red Dons, Born/Dead, and No More Art (to name a few!)? I love Peter Bonneman’s voice throughout the record, singing in English and Danish. The UFO keyboards in “Shouldn’t Have Done It” (the spaciness of which actually make sense, as I’ve learned that Josefine Struckman from No Nose was sitting in on that song), the thick bass and crime story guitar in “zzzZZZ,” and the sweetness of the guitar in the chorus of “My Dreams” give lots of different feels. “Faret Vild” reminds me of ’50s greasers and “Shady Grove” came at me like some kind of Western singalong. But as mentioned above, “Anti-Commie” is the song that really has my heart on this record—the guitar intro is perfect and it has a surprise slow down that picks back up with some manic discordance. Makes it nice to live in a house rather than an apartment so that I don’t worry that maybe my neighbors are getting irritated because I’ve played the same song ten times in a row. Grab it! –Jennifer Federico (Hjernespind,

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