SUN BATHER: Self-titled: 12”

Sep 22, 2016

A Danish all-star band including members of some of the very best in early 2000’s international punk and hardcore, including Gorilla Angreb, Amdi Petersen’s Arme, Burial, Intensity, Born/Dead and several others. Mid-paced garage punk with some interesting takes on country/folk influence (“Shady Grove”). If I had to pick a crowd pleaser or a hit single, I’d say that it would most definitely be “Shouldn’t Have Done It” which exudes Cramps and TSOL attitude all over with some eerie synth work added towards the end of the song. Hopefully you caught them when they toured the West Coast late summer of 2016. If you didn’t, then pick this record up and gleefully imagine what could have been. –Juan Espinosa (Sun Bather, [email protected])