SUN-0-BATHERS: Local Warming: CD

Aug 01, 2019

Let’s a take a time travel trip to the early ’90s. I feel like that is what Dutch band Sun-0-Bathers is doing. If this came out in that era, they easily could have shown up on Burning Heart or even Epitaph. They play super melodic punk with that galloping drum beat you are hearing in your head right now as I am describing them. Satanic Surfers or Ten Foot Pole come to mind (and oddly enough there is a tribute song on this disc to TFP singer/pro baseball player Scott Radinsky). Probably not an album that I would put on with any regularity, but definitely one that I would pull a song or two from for a mix tape (a pastime of mine back then). –Ty Stranglehold (Morning Wood)