SUITESIXTEEN, THE: Mine Would Be the Sun: 2 x LP

Mar 25, 2020

How does one review someone’s autobiographical “life’s work”? The Suitesixteen is actually a man by the name of Rob Nesbitt. He has played in several of my favorite local bands over the years, most notably pop punk legends Bum and my favorite political hardcore band AK-47. Full disclosure: I consider Rob a friend. That fact has no bearing on the review. This album is the story of his teenage years told in a series of immaculately crafted pop songs. Anyone familiar with Rob’s contributions to Bum’s catalog knows that he knows his way around a hook and a melody, but this is seriously next level action. It is not a stretch of the imagination to picture each and every one of these songs having the ability to fit seamlessly into a mainstream radio playlist (at least in an era when the radio still played guitar-based pop music that is). That isn’t to say that this is mainstream pablum for mass consumption. The songs very literally capture the essence of being a teenager. The swirling hormones and emotions. Listening to this, it is very easy to bring to mind my own teenage (mis)adventures. These songs make you feel something very real. The entire package is a work of art. A double LP in a triple gatefold that also houses a fifty-plus page book showcasing stories from Rob’s youth, the lyrics to the songs, and amazing photography by Rob’s wife Wendy. Calling this Rob’s “life’s work” was not hyperbole on my part. He has been working on this project for more than fifteen years and it shows. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves pop. It is a thing of beauty. –Ty Stranglehold (