SUGUS: Tolai!: LP/CD

Jan 21, 2022

Sugus kicks off with a forty-nine second blast of breakneck, melodic punk rock, with the title track being a real attention grabber as a starting point for Tolai! In terms of length, along with fifty-one seconds of “Fucking Gods,” it’s an outlier with the remaining thirteen tracks all hitting the two-minute mark at least. Across the board, these longer songs are well structured and the added time allows this Spanish quartet to display its engaging songwriting abilities. This is clearly evident on the longest track “Nada Puede Salir Mal,” which eases along with a catchy chorus, accompanying harmonies, and a touch of grandeur. I really do like the fact that the lyrics are sung in both Spanish and English, adding some variety to the album. With a strong, clean-sounding twin guitar attack—which reminds me of Face To Face—this really does it for me. –Rich Cocksedge (Snap, [email protected] / CGTH, [email protected] / Monster Zero, [email protected],

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