SUEVES: RIP Clearance Event: LP

Jul 25, 2018

History repeats itself; if you wait long enough everything comes back around. Post early-‘90s garage scene, there were a bunch of mutants playing deranged, fucked up, garage punk: Dead Boys on drugs. Scary fuckers, smashing bottles into their heads and the crowd. Bands like the Clone Defects, Piranhas, Epileptix et al scaring the living christ out of any poor fuck willing to go see them in whatever Midwest shithole dive bar they were annihilating. I loved that shit. Make punk scary again. I don’t know shit about this lot, and for all I know they are a bunch of record squares aping an old sound. Fuck it, they have the sound down: fucked up, sneering, mutant garage punk. The sound that will/should knock your fucking teeth in. Maybe there’s hope for the kids yet? –Tim Brooks