SUCTION CUPS, THE: F#%k Like a Bunny: 7” EP

Nov 23, 2016

One of the most exasperating things about the whole punk phenomenon is how quickly it became about a specific “sound” and how easily that sound was subdivided into pigeonholes that handily excised those myriad bands that didn’t fit whatever predetermined criteria was being used. Me, I’ve always had a soft spot for the ne’er do wells that take terms like “‘77 punk,’ “bandana thrash,” or whatever and plunks ‘em on their noggin. Case in point: the band currently under scrutiny. This Deadbeats-related group of scofflaws turn in two slinky bits of noisy, sex-themed piss-takin’, with the title track vacillating between swinging verses and double-time choruses, and the flip, “G-spot,” opting for more of a ‘60s angle, including Farfisa, yet delivered in such singular fashion that it’d be hard not to be able to pick ‘em out of a lineup. This is how it’s done, kids. –Jimmy Alvarado (Deep Six Albatross, [email protected])