SUBTERRAIN MAGAZINE #75, $8 Can. / $7 U.S., 8” x 11”, magazine, 80 pgs.

May 31, 2017

Canadian triannual literary magazine, showcasing new writers, poets, and talent. Each issue features a theme or writing prompt, with this issue’s being “Nostalgia.” The fiction pieces range from stories about childhood, tangible memories of smells and feelings, how it felt to be young, to friendships and relationships as a youth. The writings range from prose about animal legends, to touching and mournful poems, to commentary on technology, and how gaming can trigger fond nostalgic memories of growing up. Each page also features beautiful soft watercolor backgrounds, which complement the distant but clear emotion in each writing. There is also a great section of found photography from a family member’s collection, and (what seem to be) regular book reviews in the very end of the magazine. Check out the “Submission Call” column near the back of the issue if you’re interested in having your writing featured. The next theme is “The Future.” –Tricia Ramos (subTerrain Magazine, PO Box 3008, Main Post Office, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X5 Canada,