SUBTERRAIN #85, $7, 6½” x 9”, full color printed, 100 pgs.

I wish I had more time to dig into this. The content is dense and massive, and I could have chewed on this issue of SubTerrain for a month or so… Unfortunately, due to bestiality enthusiast Louis DeJoy’s intentional crippling of the USPS in attempt to sway the upcoming election, this one showed up about a month late (and about forty hours shy of my already-extended review deadline). Straight outta Canada, SubTerrain is not as much a zine as it is an overdriven literary magazine: poetry, fiction, editorials, book reviews (which make my own look like reluctantly completed middle school book reports), and art. The fiction has an artistic/poetic lean to it—not something I would normally seek out but extremely intriguing and well-done. The layout is beautiful, with full color pages that are packed with text but still exciting and colorful. The list of contributors and their credentials is epic and way more impressive than the References section of my job resume. This issue has an artificial intelligence/sci-fi theme, which is reflected in the mind-blowing futuristic cover art. Although SubTerrain is a heavier read than most zines, it is just as fun and subversive (“subversive” despite being funded by the Canadian government—imagine that, America.). –Buddha (SubTerrain Magazine, PO Box 3008 Main Post Office, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X5, Canada, [email protected])