SUBTERRAIN #83, $7, 6” x 9”, color print, perfect-bound, 96 pgs.

Apr 01, 2020

SubTerrain is a sweet lil’ Canadian literary magazine that aims to provide provocative fiction, poetry, and commentary to its “polite nation.” A lot of the criticism and fiction wasn’t particularly provocative to me personally, but I can see its diversion from the general literary status quo and the aim to provide a publishing voice to a more diverse body than might usually get one. Some of the poems reproduced within pointed me in the direction of poets I’d not gotten the chance to engage with (shout out to Billy-Ray Belcourt—sorry I didn’t pick you up before now!), so thanks, SubTerrain! Also, this is in classy full-color, and is really quite compelling to page through and look at. If you need a small-press lit fix, this is a solid place to start. –jimmy cooper (