SUBSTITUTE: Eat Your Enemys: CS

This thing sure packs a punch for being a cassette in such artsy (and misspelling-laden) packaging… it’s as if Bob Mould wrote punk songs for a band fronted by Mike Ness’s (presumably fictitious) little brother who recorded it all on a boombox in mom’s basement in 1983. I speak from experience. Okay, not exactly. There’s not a bad song among the eight. I was kinda shocked, actually. I guess I could dock them half a point for not yelling “GO!” before the guitar solo on their cover of “Melody Lee” by the Damned, though. That seems fair, given that it is my fourth-favorite Damned song. Substitute: Accept no substitutes! BEST SONG: “Run Away.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sour Ground.” That’s not really a very good song title, but I like sour stuff. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Bass guitar on “Sour Ground” and “Back Down” by Dale Nixon. I had wondered what he’d been up to. –Rev. Nørb (State Champion,